Performance Analysis

The goal of business performance analysis is to identify improvement opportunities, understand their root causes, and take action.  These opportunities can come in many forms. They can be:

  • performance issues; areas of the business that perform extremely well and can be leveraged even further
  • cost issues; areas of the business where the cost trend is growing too fast or are out of line with industry standards and are negatively impacting corporate profitability.

We can meet with you on a monthly basis to review your accounting data, establish KPI’s and set up a plan to improve company performance.

Our business performance analysis includes:

  • Helping you and your management team understand the importance of and the most commonly used financial statements.
  • Improving your knowledge of the profit & loss statement, the five important totals, and the important ratios from it.
  • Showing you the hidden value of the balance sheet; how it relates to cash and the concept of working capital.
  • Using a financial dashboard and the benefits of it.
  • Understanding cash flow and working capita
  • Performing and creating a cash flow analysis and a cash flow forecast.
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